Our credo

Only well-thought-out communication works on all levels. Which is why we believe that tailor-made models can achieve even the most ambitious goals. Conventional methods slow things down and stop them in their tracks. With foresight, we have the power to look beyond: The destination is the journey. With a strategic vision, creative designs are developed that take into account all facets of communication, thereby ensuring best results.


Every brand thrives on good communication. When it comes to corporate identity, design or marketing, branding is most successful when all measures form a synergy for the benefit of the brand. Advertising is more than visual: It is conceptual, strategic and target-group-oriented. To better build up and strengthen brands, we filter the wants and needs of our clients until we achieve authentic concepts.


The success of companies is not a matter of chance or even luck. A well-thought-out plan and a good strategy always exists behind the scenes. The precise goal, to be communicated internally and externally, always determines the main elements. At the same time, communication gives life to the action and influences all scenarios. We guide companies on their journey and adapt our actions to the given challenges and goals.


We bring together what belongs together: people with their skills, interests, wishes and ideas. Our agency is focused on optimally networked communication. Every team member is part of the bigger picture. Journalists, coaches, art directors, graphic designers, account managers, copywriters, illustrators, external collaborators and experts come together to pool their collective knowledge and connections. That’s the succus. synergy. Our spirit is firmly anchored in our identity, thus creating the best output for our customers.


of the succus. team has lived, studied or worked abroad and brought their wide-ranging wealth of experience back with them to South Tyrol.


different languages
are spoken and understood at succus. – not counting the universal language of gestures.

Further Education

hours a year
per person are invested in the personal and professional development of the succus. team. The world of communication is constantly changing – you need an update every now and again to keep up.

Main sectors

Food & Beverage
17 %
15 %
15 %
Real Estate
13 %
Public Services
10 %
Constructions & Project Development
10 %
Destination Management
9 %
Crisis response
6 %
3 %
2 %


2  Professional journalists

6  Graphic Designers

1  Illustrator

3  Art Director

1  Creative Director

5  Account Managers

1  Copywriter

1  Digital Creative

1  Digital Marketing Manager

1  Office Manager

=22solution-oriented thinkers

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